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What happens when a refund request is referred to me?
What happens when a refund request is referred to me?
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If you have chosen that all refund requests are to be referred to you, we have enabled a function that allows your customers to contact you directly via their order history. Please note, this option will only be available when you have opted for refund requests to be referred to you when the automated refund window has closed but will not be available should you choose Skiddle Customer Care to process refunds on your behalf.


This function does not share or make your contact details visible to the customer. However, replying to the customer email will mean that your email is shared and visible to them.

If you require Skiddle to action a refund, please ensure is cc'd into your replies. Alternatively, if you wish to authorise a refund but not respond to the customer directly, please forward the email and your decision to the email above.

You should never request card details, passwords or other personal details from customers as emails are not a secure form of communication. Skiddle pride ourselves in excellent customer service and therefore encourage you to resolve any issues with your customers in a timely manner.

For more information or if you would like to amend your preferences as to how refunds are handled, please contact your dedicated Account Manager or our Account Support Team.

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