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How can I include my festival in the Festival Guide?
How can I include my festival in the Festival Guide?

Feature your festival in Skiddles comprehensive guide

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The Skiddle Festival Guide aims to be the most popular online UK source for discovering festivals. Here’s an example:

If you would like to have your festival included in the Festival Guide, please contact your dedicated account manager or contact our Account Support team at

The guide is a fantastic opportunity for you to showcase your festival and increase sales! It’s completely free and curated by us here at Skiddle, we just need some assets from you:

Festival Image

Essentially the ‘profile pic’ for your festival - usually your logo. Nothing with dates or too much text as this can affect Facebook targeting and we want you to get as much traffic as possible. Ideally dimensions should be 400 x 400.

Festival Banner

A picture for the festival banner with the minimum dimensions of 3000 x 500 (max 10000 x 10000) it must have little/no words or dates on as this can be cropped out of the picture due to the shape of the presentation on the Festival Guide and the way it’s viewed across multiple devices. Crowd shots look particularly epic!


Between 3 and 6 photos to create a gallery and show off what your festival is all about. Recommended dimensions are 960 x 630.

You can even add a video! Videos have to be an mp4 of less than 30MB.

Images and videos are a key selling point for any festival. The more high quality images we have highlighting how good your festival is, the more customers will want to go. This is especially true with customers who have never attended your festival; social proof such as imagery, videos, and reviews can help make a decision.


Want to include any further information for your festival? Let us know and we’ll add it in here for you!

Once your guide is up and running, if you want to change anything, simply get in touch with the Account Support team ( and they will be happy to assist.

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