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How do I pay a charge on my account?
How do I pay a charge on my account?

Information on how to pay invoices on your account

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While listing your event and selling tickets on Skiddle is free, you do have the option to utilise some of our paid-for marketing and events services. These include featuring your event, ordering printed tickets, or running Facebook ad campaigns and so on.

If you have selected any of these services, it is vital that these are paid for in advance as we are unable to complete the requests before payment is received. Thankfully, paying your invoice is incredibly simple.

When you have an invoice, a red bar will appear on the dashboard of your account (see image below). To pay the invoice, just click on the test in the red bar, and you’ll be taken to a payment form. Alternatively, you can head straight to your invoice by clicking this link.


Please note that we do not, as yet, accept payments made in Euros, or by American Express. If you have no alternative other than these forms of payment, please contact us with your account details so we can discuss this with you further. You can do this by emailing

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