RapidScan Box Office - FAQs
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Frequently asked questions about the RapidScan Box Office features:

How are cash payments handled?

You receive cash directly from the customer. The app will track your takings so you can reconcile them later. We won't transfer you any money for cash payments as you'll already have the cash in hand.

How are card payments handled

Our payment partner, Zettle handle card payments within the app. Successful transactions will be settled into your bank account directly, within 3 working days.

Do I need a merchant account to accept cards?

You just need a free Zettle account which can be set up in 5 minutes online.

Is there a minimum turnover I need to hit?

No, The solution is entirely pay-as-you-go, whether you are selling 1 ticket or 100,000.

Can I sell merchandise, bar tokens or other sundry items?

Absolutely, each item needs to be added to our system as a 'ticket' but you can use our app to track everything from your entry to your bar sales through to merchandise.

How can I reconcile my sales?

The app includes full reconciliation 'x' reports showing a breakdown of cash, card and refunds. These are split per day and per user. Reports are also available in the Promotion Center for later use.

What are the fees?

You pay a flat fee of 50p per successful transaction (irrespective of the quantity of tickets). This covers the use of the app, order tracking, the issuing of barcoded tickets, reconciliation reports and customer data capture. There are no setup or monthly fees. For card payments, Zettle charge a small authorisation fee, typically 1.5% - 2.75% depending upon monthly volume. There are no fees for declined or zero priced transactions.

I have preferential rates with my current card processor, can I negotiate these with you?

If you have a monthly card turnover of more than £20,000 then give us a call and we'd be happy to discuss, otherwise, your rates will automatically adjust as your turnover increases.

How do I integrate with RapidScan?

Every ticket that is sold is uploaded to the RapidScan app within seconds. You can print the customer a ticket on the spot which they can take to the entrance and get scanned. If you are admitting customers directly at the point of sale, you can just mark them as entered as soon as they buy the ticket.

Where can I purchase the hardware?

All you need to get started is an iPhone or iPad (we recommend an iPad for the larger screen size and better battery life). To accept cards you'll need an Zettle card reader, which are available direct from Zettle. Optionally, you can add a Star TSP654IIBI printer and Star cash drawer.

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