7 tips to sell more tickets
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Here are some quick tips to help you sell more tickets

  1. Be clear what the event is about - make sure you include any artists that are performing, music genres, etc so people unfamiliar with your event can get a good idea before committing to buy

  2. Be clear why people should buy a ticket - do they get in quicker (queue jump?)? Pay less than on the door? Will your event sell out? The more incentive you can give people to buy up-front the more you will sell

  3. Ensure your advance price is cheaper than your door price. Having your door price the same (or even less!) will damage any advance sales as people will just walk-up to your event

  4. Use Earlybird tickets - you may want to offer different price tiers - for example, first 50 tickets at £10, next 100 tickets at £12, or £15 on the door. This helps to drive early sales, plus lets you monitor which price point attracts the most sales

  5. Don't lower your ticket price once onsale - this will annoy customers who have already purchased. Instead, start low and increase your price as sales and demand grows.

  6. Ensure your ticket link is displayed prominently - remember, customers can buy 24/7 from us so ensure the link is clear on your social media, flyers and posters.

  7. Get your event listed as early as possible - events listed early always sell the most tickets.

If you need any more tips, give our account managers a call for some friendly advice!

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