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My remittance has been sent to my old bank account
My remittance has been sent to my old bank account
Updated over a week ago

Should your remittance have been sent to an old bank account, unfortunately, we have to wait until the bank returns the funds to us. The entire remittance process at Skiddle is automated and cannot be overridden.

The bank process of returning the funds to us can take at least a week and up to a month. When the funds are returned, a member of our team will be in touch and will confirm the details of the repayment.

Please Note - Banks can differ in times taken for bouncebacks etc.

It is the responsibility of the promoter to ensure their bank details are correct at all times. Please ensure the new details are added to your account immediately. For information on how to do this, please see HERE

Bounced Remittance Payments -

There is a new fee that has been implemented and will only incur when we have to resend your remittance due to bank details being incorrect or incomplete.

The cost for this service will be £8.33 + VAT

To check your bank details are correct and up to date, please see here.

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