Adding a ticket box or ticket button to your website is quick and simple.

If you have a website, our ticket widget here ( will automatically show your event tickets and allow your visitors to purchase tickets directly from your website. Your ticket page will then automatically update whenever you place tickets on/off sale through Skiddle.

To add a ticket box/button to your website you need to go to the <view all events> tab on the left. Locate the correct event you would like to add the ticket box/buttons for and click on the name of the event. Then on the left-hand side select <add to your website>.

The page below will appear. Here you can choose to add a single ticket box or add multiple ticket buttons throughout your page. Using the tabs choose which one you would like to add.

Using the code in the box copy and paste onto your webpage HTML.

This will allow customers to purchase tickets directly through your website.

If you choose to add ticket buttons you will need to copy the code in the first box and add this to your website. (Shown Below)

Then copy and paste the code in the second box and insert this anywhere you would like the button to appear on your website. You can use the button as many times as you like.

If you have any problems please contact

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