Did you know… our research shows that reps do not always find monetary rewards motivating, they prefer working towards something money can’t buy.

We recommend using the rewards system when you are targeting existing customers who are attending your event, where you can incentivise them with upgrades, etc (see below for examples).

We recommend using the cash system for events where you have long-term reps who may not be attending and simply wish to earn an income.

What can I use to reward reps?

Ideas for rewarding reps are:

VIP upgrades

Drink tokens

Backstage Passes


Accommodation and travel for the event

For reps to unlock these rewards, their points must be accumulated from your event.

How do reward tiers work?

You can set multiple rewards as your reps work up the reward tiers. Here’s an example:

1000 Points Free Queue Jump ticket

1500 Points Free drinks

5000 Points Free hoodie

Please note, Reps will be rewarded each prize as they process. So a rep earning 6000 points will first receive all three rewards above, a free queue jump ticket, then a free drink and finally a free hoodie.

You can set up tiered rewards in the Promotion Centre under the <sell tickets> tab. (shown below).

Can I change my reward tiers?

You can add extra incentives at any time. Once a reward tier has been added, you can only edit it as long as there’s no reps currently working towards that tier.

Using the previous example, if Reps was live and the top earning rep had 1200 points:

1000 Points Free Queue Jump ticket Cannot be edited (Already awarded)

1500 Points Free drinks Cannot be edited (Reps are actively working towards this tier)

5000 Points Free hoodie Can be edited (No reps are working towards this tier)

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