The rep system is pretty simple, there are 2 options available to reps - earn points and cash*.


Set a fixed cash reward for each ticket sold. For example, earn £1 for every ticket sold. You can set different cash rewards for each ticket you have on sale, or exclude tickets if you wish.


Points are earned for each ticket sold, depending upon the ticket price (10 points per £1). Points can be rewarded in two ways:

  1. Offer an incentive once x points have been earnt, that all reps will receive once they reach that tier (eg Sell 10 tickets, earn yourself a VIP Queue jump pass).

  2. Offer a reward for the top x performing reps on your leaderboard, based on the points earnt (eg Top 3 reps receive a hoodie).

Selling tickets is endorsed by sharing events via social media platforms and their conversational forms such as Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. Anyone can rep, even if they have never previously signed up - they simply click to share and as long as someone views it, Skiddle will assume they are a rep - there is no signing up required!

As soon as you enable Reps, we’ll start encouraging your customers to share the event links as soon as they have purchased.

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