Once logged into the promotion centre you will be taken straight to your events dashboard, on here you will find your events graph and custom stats.

This shows your event views and tickets sold over a set period of time. You can control the period of time by clicking on the cog icon at the top right of the graph. This will give you the options as shown below.

Selecting custom allows you to choose the dates you would like to view. There is a limit of 45 days on one screen.

Using the <Event Views> and <Tickets Sold> buttons you are able to control what stats are shown on your graph. Once you have clicked on one of the buttons it will be shown as striked out. For example: on the screenshot above tickets sold has been selected so it is only showing event views on the graph.

Custom Stats

Clicking the <Custom Stats> button on the right-hand side of the graph will allow you to add ticket groups. This is especially helpful if you have a lot of different ticket types as it makes it easier to view.

To add a ticket group press the <Add Ticket Group> button. ( Shown below)

This brings up the Add Custom tags box.

Adding a group will show you the total number of ticket sales of the tickets within that group. You can add one ticket type to multiple groups.

In the add custom tags box use the dropdown ticket bar to select as many tickets as you'd like to go in a group. The tag bar is where you name your group.

Here is an example of how it might look:

Once you have added your tickets group they will keep up to date automatically as tickets are sold. You can go back and add more tickets to these groups at any time.

The progress bar underneath the number of tickets will show the percentage of your tickets sold when hovering your mouse over it.

The groups that you have set up will reflect in the Rapidscan app. For more information on our Rapidscan app see our article HERE.

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