What is Re:Sell?

Re:Sell is an official resale platform feature that we offer where a customer can Re:Sell their unwanted ticket. Many customers will use unofficial channels and will then be left out of pocket or unable to gain entry to the event because their tickets aren't valid - a big disappointment if you're turned away at the door.

Our resale platform solves these issues. Because Skiddle are the official ticket agent, we can verify that tickets being returned and resold are genuine. Therefore there is no risk of buying a fraudulent ticket. We also only allow resale at face value to prevent ticket touting for profit. You can also rest assured that refunds will be processed in an official, timely manner.

Once a customer adds their ticket(s) to Re:Sell, we will then attempt to resell their tickets through our sales channels on their behalf.

If successful a refund of the face value will be issued back to them and tickets transferred to the new customer, otherwise the tickets will be returned back to them.

How do I activate Re:Sell?

To activate Re:Sell, head over to this article which explains each step.

What are the benefits of using Re:Sell?

The main benefit of using Re:Sell is that it reduces the number of ‘no-shows’ at your event, increasing bar and merchandise spend.

Having tickets held by customers who cannot attend the event encourages resale via social media channels and secondary ticket sites - both of which are out of your control and may lead to the price being increased by the seller. This only benefits the seller and leaves the new customer out of pocket, as well as causing potential issues for you to deal with, such as scamming/fraud.

Our resale process ensures ticket transfer is done within our system so we can guarantee the authenticity of tickets. We also prevent resale above face value.

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