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I have a new date for my postponed event, what do I do?
I have a new date for my postponed event, what do I do?
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When you have a new confirmed date for your event, we require Skiddle to be updated which will, in turn, notify your customers.

Firstly, please log into your account in the Promotion Centre and locate your original event using the 'events overview' section. When you have selected your event, you will see a red banner at the top of the page, please click to 'provide us with a date for your rescheduled event' - please repeat the process you did to postpone your event originally but this time, add in your new date.
Once you have previewed this and actioned the postponement for the second time, customers will receive another email informing them of the new date and providing them with their next options. Skiddle will then arrange for the tickets to be moved across to your new event listing following the expiry of the refund window and grace period.

Next, you will need to create your event listing with the new date and add tickets to go on sale
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your dedicated Account Manager at or our Account Support Team at

Disclaimer: This article contains information applicable to this promotion centre. This isn't currently available in the beta PC, you need to use the Promotion Centre V 1 for this.

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