In keeping with Skiddle's core aims and beliefs, we want to ensure that customers are happy with the services we offer. This also reflects on you, as a promoter. If you offer these tickets to your events, this will satisfy a large audience, ensuring that they attend more of your events in the future. And the simpler and more user-friendly the experience is, the better!

Just how large is this "large audience"?

With music festivals having record attendance', live music and musical events, in general, are at an all-time high. Statistics show that 3.3 million deaf and disabled people attend live music events every year, with an estimated income of £250,000 for the music industry. By not offering a Personal Assistant ticket, you are missing out on a chance of being included in this huge, customer friendly movement.

But why would should I offer "free" tickets to my events?

“On average ticket holders will spend £30 on food and merchandise at an event, so although a free ticket is given to the carer, they will most likely spend money on other products whilst they are at the event” - (State of Access Report 2018 - Attitude is Everything).

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