UPDATE: You can now set your own custom Cool:Off window, between 3 days and 28 days

When it comes to parting with their money, people can be a hesitant bunch. By using Skiddle you can boost conversions and sales by offering additional flexibility and reassurance.

The ticketing industry is traditionally very inflexible with refunds - once you've booked, there's no changing your mind. However, look at the retail sector and it's a known fact that offering a little flexibility to suit the customer can substantially boost sales by encouraging impulse buys.

With this in mind, Skiddle launched an industry first: Cool:Off. This opt-in service allows the customer a flexible window after purchase to change their mind and receive a refund. Results have shown that utilising Cool:Off boosts impulse buys dramatically, making more people likely to buy tickets to your event.


When Cool:Off is enabled, the banner above will appear above your ticket box...

Additionally, we've consulted with a number of promoters to ensure this doesn't cause any issues for you - as such, the cooling off period is available for a set window after purchase, and is not offered in the final week before your event.

You can set this Cool:Off window between 3 and 28 days.

This ensures your sales in the last week are protected and also encourages customers to purchase earlier.

Cool:Off is an opt-in feature so it's up to you if you'd like to enable it. We'll process the refund automatically if they are eligible so there's no extra work for you.

To opt in, head to the Promotion Centre. Then select ‘Sell Tickets’, and in the left column under ‘Sell more tickets, click ‘Get Started with Cool:Off


Promotion Centre > Sell Tickets > Get Started With Cool:Off

What are the advantage in offering a cooling off period?

Before Cool:Off, ticket purchases were final and no refunds were offered which often puts people off buying because they’re unsure of their plans. Any hesitation about their attendance to an event will simply put them off buying.

We want to overcome this without creating uncertainty for you over ticket sales or time spent having to deal with refund requests.

We’ve consulted a lot of promoters and a large number would prefer to offer customers the flexibility of being able to refund their tickets without affecting the last few days of sales.

Therefore, Cool:Off will give customers peace of mind that they’re able to refund their tickets if they make a mistake or change their mind within the Cool:Off window.

Our tests with real-customers have shown 64% of customers are more likely to buy if Cool:Off is enabled on the event.

Enable Cool:Off on your event today, by visiting this link: https://promotioncentre.co.uk/cool-off-info.php

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