What are Event Groups?

Event groups are a great tool to use if you have quite a few upcoming events under one brand. This means you can have one link for all your upcoming events. All customers that buy a ticket for an event tagged to your group will then be added to the group. This is a really useful way to keep all customers updated on anything e.g. line up or set times changes, add news articles to the group which will notify anyone that is tagged to your group.

Skiddle are in control of event groups. Therefore you won't be able to create a new event group yourself.

If there is a new event group you would like creating you will need to send the following information across to promoters@skiddle.com and we will be able to create this for you.

Information we need:

1. The name of the group

2. A short description for your group

3. An image for your group

Once the event group is made you can tag all your events by clicking edit on the event and scrolling down to the bottom, you will then see a list of all the groups, just click on whichever group(s) is relevant to your event. Please only tag your event in relevant groups otherwise your event will be suspended until it is untagged.

If you want to manage the event group yourself there are a few steps you need to take to be able to do this.

First, you would need to make an account at skiddle.com as a customer and join the group which was created. You can use the same email address for this account as the one you use to login via the promotion centre. You will need to upload an image to your profile to become an admin. It doesn't necessarily have to be an image of yourself. Once you have done this you will need to inform us and we will be able to make you an admin.

If you then go onto the event group there will be a small button which says admin options here you will have control over the group through your customer account and will be able to edit the details.

Disclaimer: This article contains information applicable to this promotion centre. This isn't currently available in the beta PC, you need to use the Promotion Centre V 1 for this.

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